Anubhav Kochhar


I am an independent, freelance travel photographer originally from India, from where I travel, work on assignments, on commissions, create stock images and do travel writing.

As a Travel Photographer, my studio is the world outside my doorstep. To me, the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives, lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available - sun, sky, tungsten and neon.

I am not restricted by subject or location, only by an obligation to record the world I see with honesty and compassion.

More than just exotic locations and wild adventures, travel photography is about seeing surroundings with fresh eyes and childlike enthusiasm.

Right now my destination is India. I am really in love with this destination.

I do photography because I love to travel and live the moment. I feel so light and relaxed while doing photography. Nothing brings me more joy than this. This gives me a feeling for who I am.

I hope that you will explore the range of my work and enjoy my vision.

Anubhav's work has been published in online travel websites like and magazines like Nation Geographic Traveller. He also works as contributor for Getty Images & Corbis Images for production of stock images.